Monday, November 8, 2010

Timothy Pantrymouse

I went to check my Facebooks updates
one afternoon, after my afternoon nap.
There, in my Newsfeed,
was a little Pantrymouse named Timothy! He was, of course, living on the Moor.
I realized that as a one of kind, if you fall in love,
you'd better move quickly!
So, move I did.
And move he did,
because only a few days later
he became my 9th Craggy Moor resident.
He did come with the overalls,
but we checked him out from stem to stern anyway.
He said as a mouse, he didn't mind.
Clothing is optional.
He met Craggy Cousin Chelsea
before being introduced to Sam.
Sam has Boyds clothing that just might fit
and expand Timothy's wardrobe choices!

The denim overalls had a nice, narrow fit in the shoulders,
and were a good color, but the opening for his tail was a bit high.

The green velor overalls also fit well, were a suitable color,
and the tail opening was in a much better position.
Well, at least I have some choices, thought Timothy.

And Then...
What should I do next?

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