Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Mouse At School

Timothy decided that it was "Take Your Mouse" to work day.
After all, he didn't leave the pantry in Ohio to sit at home in NM.
He quickly learned that the day starts bright and early
at this elementary school! He explored the room,
and found Chester the Monkey in front of the M.
How are children going to learn how to write an "M"
if they can't see the letter?
But Timothy joined in on the game before the children came in.
M.....Monkey, M....Mouse

Today's date is Tuesday, November 9th.

It's getting chilly!
Timothy felt a sneeze coming...

Timothy hid in my cabinet most of the day.
He said it wasn't fair that he was getting all the attention.
Maybe the students needed some, too.
So polite!

Before he knew it, the students had gone home,
and there were 10 minutes left in the duty day.
So, he checked his photos and comments on Flickr.
Does anybody like me?
I think they do!!!


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