Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Mouse At School

Timothy decided that it was "Take Your Mouse" to work day.
After all, he didn't leave the pantry in Ohio to sit at home in NM.
He quickly learned that the day starts bright and early
at this elementary school! He explored the room,
and found Chester the Monkey in front of the M.
How are children going to learn how to write an "M"
if they can't see the letter?
But Timothy joined in on the game before the children came in.
M.....Monkey, M....Mouse

Today's date is Tuesday, November 9th.

It's getting chilly!
Timothy felt a sneeze coming...

Timothy hid in my cabinet most of the day.
He said it wasn't fair that he was getting all the attention.
Maybe the students needed some, too.
So polite!

Before he knew it, the students had gone home,
and there were 10 minutes left in the duty day.
So, he checked his photos and comments on Flickr.
Does anybody like me?
I think they do!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tailoring Overalls

Last night, Timothy played a little game I liked to call
Goldilocks and the 3 Overalls.
These overalls were too big....
those were not the right color...
but these could be just right with a little tailoring! So, Timothy woke me before 5am.
He swears it was the time change
and our downstairs neighbor, taking a shower.
He figured as long as we were up,
we might as well fix his overalls.
The back seam was opened a little further
to allow for his tail to peak through in the right place.
The velcro closure was moved over to make
the closure in the back more narrow.
And finally, he asked to remove the Boyds tag,
which I swear should not be removed under penalty of law!
And here he is, in overalls that he will keep!
If only I could call in "lazy" and stay home to play!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Timothy Pantrymouse

I went to check my Facebooks updates
one afternoon, after my afternoon nap.
There, in my Newsfeed,
was a little Pantrymouse named Timothy! He was, of course, living on the Moor.
I realized that as a one of kind, if you fall in love,
you'd better move quickly!
So, move I did.
And move he did,
because only a few days later
he became my 9th Craggy Moor resident.
He did come with the overalls,
but we checked him out from stem to stern anyway.
He said as a mouse, he didn't mind.
Clothing is optional.
He met Craggy Cousin Chelsea
before being introduced to Sam.
Sam has Boyds clothing that just might fit
and expand Timothy's wardrobe choices!

The denim overalls had a nice, narrow fit in the shoulders,
and were a good color, but the opening for his tail was a bit high.

The green velor overalls also fit well, were a suitable color,
and the tail opening was in a much better position.
Well, at least I have some choices, thought Timothy.

And Then...
What should I do next?