Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nutmeg Squirrely

This is Nutmeg Squirrely.
She once lived on the Craggy Moor,
where there are plenty of happy children,
and good home cooked meals.
But, Nutmeg caught on to a secret at the Craggy Moor.
She found out that even though many friends are born
from skilled hands, most of them are destined to leave the Craggy Moor.
She wondered if she might have her own place in the world.

Then, she happened to smile just the right way
at a home that already had 7 Craggy Moor friends.
She felt this home would be a welcoming kind of place.
So, she packed her bags for New Mexico.
She arrived happy and chatty,
talking about acorns and the coming fall,
when she realized that she had left her special acorn behind.

Quickly, a replacement was found.
Nutmeg smiled a happy smile again
because she had found a home,
and been given a special comfort item to call her own.


  1. We are so happy Nutmeg made her long trip safe and sound!I just love that little acron you found too, adorable! She looks soooo nice in your autumn decor, like she was always meant to be there. I know she'll have many happy days. Hey, could you take a pic of Mabel and Nutmeg together for me? That would be soo sweet. Kind of a yesterday to today sort of thing :0)

  2. Here they are!