Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craggy Moor Family Portrait

Top Row:
Ellie, Chelsea, Garen
Bottom Row:
Mabel, Timby, Kaley, Robert Hay

(Seven? Did I do that?)

Kaley Meadowhare Arrives

My name is Kaley Meadowhare,
and I arrived in New Mexico from Ohio
in lickety-split time!
This is my bedroom.
Doesn't it look like a rose garden?
I'm so happy!
I wasn't expecting my own bed and bedroom!

I even made a new friend.
Her name is Mikayla!

This is a cozy, friendly place!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Craggy Moor Bitty Bunnies

Heidi, Jimmy and Lindsey Heidi lives on the Craggy Moor.
Jimmy is going to Australia,
to be a companion for a Blythe.
Lindsey, of course, is coming here
to be a companion for Mikayla
and possibly myself.
Lindsey is about 4 1/2 inches
while the other two are closer to 4 inches.
Cute portrait!
Can't wait to see more Craggy Moor mini friends!

Lindsey Meadowhare

Christy over at the Craggy Moor
was busy with Bitty Bunnies
for her daughters' doll house.A friend then requested a Bitty Bunny
for her Blythe.
At 4 inches, a Bitty Bunny would be just the thing!
Once I found out she made at least one
for Someone Else,
I had to ask.
Mikayla would love a Bitty Bunny!
They have a Lati Doll House
and Bitty Bunny could live with them!

So now this darling Bitty Bunny
in smokey pink overalls
is on her way to live with us.

She may turn into another "imaginary friend"
since they seem to talk more than her stuffed animals,
or be some kind of tag-along buddy.

Or maybe Lindsay Meadowhare
will tag-along with me!