Saturday, May 15, 2010

Timby Westingbear

Timby Westingbear must have hopped the speedy express on Thurday,
because he arrived before noon on Saturday!
Timby is 9 inches of angora softness, lavender scent,
and huggable tummy!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I admit it...
I clicked the "Buy It" button
when I saw little Timby.
He is made from:
"soft charcoal black angora cashmere blend sweater"
and is
"weighted and scented with a touch of dry lavender
to make him feel "real" and smell comforting when held and hugged."

But it really was that wistful look out the window
and his "fits in your hand" size that sold me.
What a face!!!!

Photos are property of The Cragggy Moor

since Timby is still in transit to New Mexico.

Quotes also a part of his original description,

so stop by

and see if you can resist the characters that come from the Moor!

I bet you can't!