Monday, April 26, 2010

My Craggy Clan

This is my Craggy Moor Clan as of today. Mabel was my first Craggy Moor companion,
and still the matriarch of the clan.
She found Chelsea Fieldmouse to be her companion.
Mabel is a great talker, and Chelsea is a great listener!
Garen was a custom order,
based on several previous Craggy bears I had seen.
He is the constant kindergartner
who loves to laugh and tumble around.

His little sister is Ellie.
Ellie prefers dressing up in finery
and attending tea parties to rolling in the grass.

Today my Earth Day (April 22) order
hopped out of his box and into my heart.
Robert Hay Rabbit is sweet and squishy
and is a bit of a hippie.

I love the feel of velvet and wool and suede,
and having companions like nothing manufactured.
They all have the sweet aroma of lavender
and are full of personality!

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