Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Craggy Moor Photos of Garen

Here are more Craggy Moor photos of Garen
before he hopped into his box for travel on Saturday.
He has reversible overalls,
with blue corduroy on one side,
and blue/green tartan on the other,
which Christy claims are the
best overalls to come out of the Moor yet!

He also received sweet hugs by the resident
6 year old
and watched "Little House on the Prairie" on TV.
I have seen pictures of Christy's home cooking,

and I'm sure there has to be more to his full tummy
than polyfil.

Garen is 13 inches tall,
made from caramel colored wool,
has suede paws,
has extra weight added to stuffing
along with a hint of lavender!
Garen was a commissioned request
after seeing Kinder, Christiana, and Sandy,
who all have a similar look to them.
He was named after a sweet little kindergarten boy
I once knew in a child care I worked at.
The real Garen is at least in his mid 20's by now,
but I remember a small, simple picture of house
he drew for me, which I kept for a very a long time.
In French, Garen means "guardian".


  1. SQUEAL!!! Oh my gosh he's adorbearable! Another fantastic job Christy and have a blast with him Tracy!!! :-)

  2. I told you I "HAD" to request my own wool bear like Kinder! We can't wait for his arrival!