Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today after lunch, we mostly went errand running,
but we took a blogger-tunity
to take a side trip to Corrales. This is a historic house in Corrales called Casa San Ysidro.
It is now owned by the Albuquerque Museum.
You can sign up for one of their designated tour times
if you want to see the historic furnishings,
but they don't let you take pictures inside
the historically preserved rooms with museum quality collectibles.
How much fun is that for a blogging bear?
Also, no tours are offered in December or January.
You see the dust on my nose?
The first time I tried to sit on this sign,
I fell into the dirt below.

This is why everyone in our Craggy Moor Family
must be brown!
New Mexico is very dusty.

In fact, even the buildings are made of dirt!

How do people keep clean with so much dirt?

This is an outside window.
See how thick the walls are?

And they are made of dirt!

Oh, excuse me.
which has straw and clay in it.
But I really don't see how it is any different
than building with dirt clods.

So I suppose it is remarkable
that the houses and churches
are so beautiful
when they are really just big dirt clods.

I was checking out places for a
Craggy Moor in New Mexico
family photo
we will take when Garen arrives.

Since we don't have a pretty ocean or bay
like our San Diego cousins,
and the Rio Grande is no more than wet mud this time of year,
I was thinking that a dirt clod...I mean historic adobe structure
might make a nice backdrop to say,
"Hello, we are in New Mexico!"

Do you think any of these places will make a good family picture?

Please excuse Mabel's sarcastic attitude today.
She had to sit in the car longer than she expected
during the "errands" part of this adventure.


  1. wow....we have a lot of mud here, but no one has made houses out of it...maybe 'cuz its not as pretty as yours...the bears here agree that it it's amazing to see the beautiful pottery and houses and all the creativity that arose out of the dust out there many years ago. We see why you love visiting your local sites. You make us want to get out and see what's around us here...I know how it is though...a bearson always figures "oh I'll do it someday soon" and the days just fly by! ( btw don't feel grumbly're the kinda girl who looks good even with a dusty nose).

    We told Garen about all the cool and different things you've shown us in far away New Mexico. He can't wait to try some authentic local cuisine too! We've kinda turned him on to gourmet cooking ;0) its true.

  2. Definitely not into cooking around here, but Garen looks too happy to complain about microwaved frozen meals. Authentic cuisine can be...chile flavored. Guacamole anyone?