Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Bear at School

A third grade student saw my picture
and asked if I would come to school to meet him. So, today, I got up early and went to elementary school.
The third grade boy said,
" I thought he would be bigger."
However, he made up for the comment later
when he asked for the name of the webite
and my person showed the students more Craggy Moor photos.
My person had to go to a math training after lunch,
so I had to get busy right away.
"How many pizzas will you need to buy
if 24 hungry bears are coming to your party,
and you want to give them each 3 slices?"

" How many hundreds blocks do you need
to make a thousands cube?"
The third grade boy said "4",
and showed how to make a cube shape
out of four squares (as the outside faces).
Close, but no honey..

Before we left early, my person did "show and tell"
where she showed me and told more about me.
I shook everyone's paw
so they could feel what wool and suede feels like.
I went around again and the students got to feel my muscles
(circular disc in the joints).
She told them about sewing with patterns,
and how the different pieces had to be sewn together.
And about how a long time ago, all toys were handmade and homemade
like we are still made at The Craggy Moor.
Maybe next,
the students will be able to make their own
two sided toy or animal with felt.


  1. I just LOVE these pics Garen! You had such a fun day. I think it would be so neat to do a craft with the children like that.

  2. SKWEEL!! I love the picutres and the story! You are so creative!! Thank you for sharing your story Garen!


    Your cousin Kinder!