Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Craggy Moor Cousins

On December 29, 2009
I had a chance to meet with some Craggy Moor Cousins
living in San Diego.
These are very special cousins
because my person saw Cousin Betsy in San Diego,
and then found me waiting for her at the Craggy Moor.
Here We Are:
Mabel, Betsy, Lily, and Kinder
at our first meeting and group photo.

We met in San Diego at a place called Seaport Village.
Seaport village is an outdoor shopping area
with different "village style" buildings for each shop.
Seaport Village is by the bay,
with an inland cove where ships dock.

We took a walk around Embarcadero Park
to see the ocean and city scapes.

This shop is in the style of a California mission,
but all of the shops are uniquely designed for an eclectic feel.

We posed with the bay and a wharf style restaurant
along the bayside sidewalk.

My San Diego Cousins:
Kinder, Lily and Betsy

The Craggy Moor Reunion

Aren't we cute?

Our people stopped and had lunch.
They talked and talked and talked!
People can be so chatty!
I must have nodded off
because soon it was time to say "good bye"
to our new San Diego friends and cousins.

I love the Coronado Bay Bridge!

What great views!

My person and I meandered through the "village"
back out to the front to meet our ride.

I can't believe I'm in San Diego!

I found a blue pond by a restaurant.

And some pretty flowers in a planter behind an old brick wall.

On December 28th!
Imagine that!

On the way out,
I found a pressed penny machine,
and got a pressed penny souvenir.
My person said that was all that was going to fit our bag
for the trip home!


  1. what a fun time you and Tracy had Mabel! We loved the pics (bears and people alike crowded around the 'puter to see all of 'em!)Its so neat that you and Molly could get together. Did Chelsea get to meet Lily? If not, they can still be penpals :0) Beautiful shots by the bay too.

  2. It's very nice that you got to meet some of your relatives! Especially in such a pretty place. There are several inches of snow on the ground around here-- it's hard to imagine a place so nice and green!

  3. We had such a lovely time with you and Mabel, Tracy! I'm so glad we had the chance to meet! (((HUGS))) ~ Molly, Ryan, Sarah, Kinder, Betsy and Lily

  4. Chelsea had discovered a sleigh just her size back home in NM. She ended up staying at home, waiting for Santa Claus. She isn't fessing up if she saw him, but she has a big smile on her face!