Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love in a Hug

Another bear arrived,
and Mabel is no longer the most recent bear
in my household. I played with, dressed,
and photographed the new bear.
And then Mabel asserted that she is special, too.
Yes, Mabel, you have not been forgotten.
She requested a photography session
to prove to her friends that she is not being left behind.
Mabel still captures my attention
for her humor and her uniqueness.
Handmade with love is special.
She smells lightly of lavender,
and I love her velvet and suede.
She feels different than plush bears,
different than manufactured bears.

She is a smaller size,
and still far more likely to be taken outside.
I look forward to making her more bows
and seasonal ponchos and shawls.

I love to hold her and touch her,
and laugh with her smile.
Does the arrival of a new bear
mean forgetting the ones you're with?
Hug of Bears: a group of teddy bears.
Have you loved your hug today?


  1. Mom has given lots of us a hug lately. We often sit and help her do her homework.

  2. we love to hug our bears here-well, when they aren't running around playing that is! lol! My 3 fav. bears and Nottingham the lamb climb into bed and like to watch tv with me when Rob's on the road :0)