Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall Leaves

Yesterday, two 2nd graders on the playground
were overheard to have asked their teacher if it was still fall,
or if it was winter yet.
The wise answer was that it is "late fall".

Today's forecast is gray with a chance of rain,
and snow in the mountains.
Slightly chilly, not quite freezing in the city.

There are still fall colors to be found,
but many of them are turning ocre or brown.

This takes us to the BIG TREES.
It is apparently time for them to lose their leaves.
November is the "messy" month around here.
The grass is covered with leaves almost as thick as a snowfall
(which is about an inch or two).

And here I am in my poncho, playing in the leaves!
Hey, someone has to do it!

Late Fall Portrait

This is Gobble,
Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Mabel,
    I love your forever stamp - you look wonderful - very photogenic you are!!! Your Thankgiving Turkey is sooooo cute - he's a lucky turkey to have you.
    Joanie, Henley and Pemmie

  2. Ms.Joanie, Henley and Pemmie,
    Thank you! Gobble is one stuffed turkey who will be around next year, too! This is the one time of year he gets to come out and play with us!

  3. P.S. The Stamp is a frame from . You can get it without the date stamp over it, too.