Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chelsea Fieldmouse

I was sitting by the computer all by myself,
waiting for my new photo slideshow to upload on Flickr.
Then, there appeared a picture under "contacts"
of a cute little mouse!
She has a hat like I do, and she is brown,
which is a good color to be in New Mexico.
I knew right away that she would be my special friend!
When the cat was away... the bear adopted a friendly mouse!
But maybe she will be so small and quiet
that this will be overlooked!
After all, you can't have
"The Night Before Christmas"
without a mouse!


  1. I think she will be a good listener! That is good, because Mabel is a good talker!

  2. Has she arrived in New Mexico yet? Can't wait to hear! :-)

  3. Chelsea is waiting for a few Christmas presents to come with her. Christy is making a poncho for Mabel to match her hat and a scarf for Chelsea. She has about a week to enjoy Ohio before coming to home.