Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving has passed,
and it is time for Christmas decorations. Mabel watched me set up
the 18 inch Christmas tree.
She was fascinated by the tin bears
and tiny birds.
I set out a new candle,
and removed the ribbon from around it.
Mabel loved the ceramic tree,
and proclaimed it her holiday necklace.

Christmas is going to be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Craggy Moor Friends

Mabel and Chelsea at the Craggy Moor

How could I resist these faces?

Sometimes you just see someone across the room,

or across the internet,

and you know he/she is the right one for you!

Photos Property of the Craggy Moor

Is someone calling to you?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chelsea Fieldmouse

I was sitting by the computer all by myself,
waiting for my new photo slideshow to upload on Flickr.
Then, there appeared a picture under "contacts"
of a cute little mouse!
She has a hat like I do, and she is brown,
which is a good color to be in New Mexico.
I knew right away that she would be my special friend!
When the cat was away... the bear adopted a friendly mouse!
But maybe she will be so small and quiet
that this will be overlooked!
After all, you can't have
"The Night Before Christmas"
without a mouse!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love in a Hug

Another bear arrived,
and Mabel is no longer the most recent bear
in my household. I played with, dressed,
and photographed the new bear.
And then Mabel asserted that she is special, too.
Yes, Mabel, you have not been forgotten.
She requested a photography session
to prove to her friends that she is not being left behind.
Mabel still captures my attention
for her humor and her uniqueness.
Handmade with love is special.
She smells lightly of lavender,
and I love her velvet and suede.
She feels different than plush bears,
different than manufactured bears.

She is a smaller size,
and still far more likely to be taken outside.
I look forward to making her more bows
and seasonal ponchos and shawls.

I love to hold her and touch her,
and laugh with her smile.
Does the arrival of a new bear
mean forgetting the ones you're with?
Hug of Bears: a group of teddy bears.
Have you loved your hug today?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cover Girl

Mabel loves to see her photos transformed at!
You can make your photos into
mosaics, photobooth style photos,
trading cards, magazine covers, create photo frames,
and many other fun effects!
You can upload your own photos from your hard drive,
or link your Flickr account to Big Huge Labs.
You can save your creations to your hard drive,
and play with your photos for free!

Fall Leaves

Yesterday, two 2nd graders on the playground
were overheard to have asked their teacher if it was still fall,
or if it was winter yet.
The wise answer was that it is "late fall".

Today's forecast is gray with a chance of rain,
and snow in the mountains.
Slightly chilly, not quite freezing in the city.

There are still fall colors to be found,
but many of them are turning ocre or brown.

This takes us to the BIG TREES.
It is apparently time for them to lose their leaves.
November is the "messy" month around here.
The grass is covered with leaves almost as thick as a snowfall
(which is about an inch or two).

And here I am in my poncho, playing in the leaves!
Hey, someone has to do it!

Late Fall Portrait

This is Gobble,
Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Warm Fall Day

Halloween is last night's memory,
and it is now time to move on with fall!
The sun came out bright and warm on November 1st.
Do you see my teddy bear shadow? Warm Fall Colors and Textures

I found a warm, secluded area with lots of trees!
Lots of trees meant leaves on the ground!
The rock was warm from the sun, and cozy to sit on.

Who needs a shawl when the sun has come out
golden and warm?

Remembering the Sun
for the cold nights to come.