Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins on a Cold and Lazy Day

Today is an "inclement" weather day in New Mexico.
That is what happens when the sun is not shining so brightly,
and there might be a few grayish clouds,
and maybe the temperature is a bit too cold;
like less than 60*F.
So today we read books and talked about pumpkins. I found this little pumpkin out on the balcony.
And the book on a little table.
Okay, technically, it was a doll sized trunk.
The book is called
It has a lot of photographs, so there is no "author".
It was published in 2000 by Metrobooks
and Friedman/Fairfax Publishers.
Too Much Information
So back to looking at the book.

Pumpkins grow on farms.
They like to hang out together.
They don't like to be by themselves.
They get lonely that way.

They are magnetically attracted to straw bales
and scarecrows.
They really cannot help themselves.

You would think their favorite color is orange,
but it isn't.
Pumpkins like the red in fall leaves
and barns.

They don't like being blanketed by snow.
This picture was taken in Santa Fe?
What do you mean it snows in New Mexico?!!!

I thought I signed up to move to a WARM climate!

Oh, okay.
Maybe when it looks like this in New Mexico,
we can go to the ocean and eat fish tacos.
Fish tacos?!!!!
Who makes tacos out of fish?!!!


  1. Mabel--we all read your blog and then one bear, Atticus, took notes so we wouldn't forget these important points about pumpkins. You always were the smart one. You look very nice with the book and the pumpkin.

  2. that's why we sent you out with a warm hat Mabel! Oh, you'll LOVE fish tacos by the way-they're sooooo tasty (now you've got me thinking about them...hmmm....wait sorry, too early...need coffee....)