Monday, October 26, 2009

Mabel Gets a Slice of Culture in Old Town

Mabel popped out of her box from Ohio,
and was ready to discover what life in New Mexico
would hold for one small, brown bear. Mabel went to the Albuquerque destination
for tourists looking for souvenirs, Mexican food,
history, and a slice of New Mexican culture.
San Felipe de Neri church was founded in 1706
as a center for establishing the growing community
as a legally recognized Spanish town,
and as community that could draw new residents from afar.

Mabel discovered agave and prickly pear cactus
growing in front of San Felipe de Neri.

Once she looked beyond the church,
Mabel saw the plaza.
Spanish communities were built around a square plaza.

A gazebo is used for entertainment in the plaza.

Mabel wandered around the shops surrounding the square.

Wow! Chile Ristras!
Little chiles were strung together like a wall hanging!

A place called the Covered Wagon had real wagon wheels outside!

An art gallery had a bigger than life sized katchina out front!

What is in this shop?

Mexican sombreros in doll and bear size!

Restored cannons are a part of the history of Albuquerque.

Where is the sign that tells the story?!!!

As Mabel crossed the street, she saw a tourist
who had to wait in the car. Hmmm...

More ristras and bright blue...

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday
celebrated in early November.
Skulls and skeletons make fun of life and death
as way of accepting that death is a part of life.
Departed loved ones are remembered with reverence.
Art is meant to reflect humor, not to be scary or gruesome.

Toy Store in a Little Plaza Nook

Mabel found some fall fun for a little bear.


  1. Hi Mabel! What fun you had. Albuquerque looks like a really neat place. My mummy went there once and she says it's a great place. You look really nice with all those chili. Did you taste them?

  2. Gorgeous pics!! Mabel you just have to get a little sombrero to wear (and send us a pic!) Looks like you had a wonderful first outing, taking in all the beautiful sights. I loved the chili's against the blue wall-just lovely!