Monday, October 26, 2009

Mabel Arrives!

I ordered Mabel late on Friday.
She was shipped first thing Saturday morning,
and now, here she is on Monday before noon! I checked our mailroom
about the time the mail carrier has been arriving.
He drove right up just as I passed him in my car,
so around I swooped, and announced
"I have a package. It was tracked as being delivered today."
He checked the box with the packages, and out came my box from Ohio!

I finished running my errands,
as Mabel waited and waited in her box.
Once at home, out she popped!

She immediately wanted to greet her family in Ohio
to let them know she arrived safely!

And posed for a few photos to show her new friends

that she is in her new home and ready for fall!


  1. awwww Mabel you look so happy in your new home! We'll miss you, but we know you will be much loved. We'll be enjoying your blog and your new adventures!

    Hugs from Ohio!

  2. How exciting!!!! Her brother Barnaby arrived in Michigan this afternoon. He's excited to be able to read all about Mabel's adventures in the SW. He asked me to ask you if the honey down there is made with chili peppers.