Friday, October 23, 2009

Introducing Mabel Bearingsley

This is Mabel Bearingsley.
As far as I can tell, her birthday is September 17, 2009.
These photos are by Christy, Mabel's maker,
and The Craggy Moor business owner,
along with her supportive husband, Rob.
This is Christy's Blog about Mabel in the days before I knew about her:
Browsing Flickr photos,
I came across photos of her cousin, Betsy, who is now happily residing in San Diego.
I followed the links like a trail, and found Mabel sitting so joyfully on Etsy.
Her brown color was perfect for a companion bear
living in New Mexico, with dust and adobe.
She doesn't seem like she'd mind sitting on an adobe wall for a photograph.
Her name reminded me of Mabel Dodge Luhan,
who was the wealthy, eccentric patron of the arts
in Taos, NM from her arrival around 1919 until her death in 1964.
So here is another Mabel, coming home to New Mexico.
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