Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Before Halloween

I thought you said when New Mexico looked like this,
we would go to the ocean and eat fish tacos.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins on a Cold and Lazy Day

Today is an "inclement" weather day in New Mexico.
That is what happens when the sun is not shining so brightly,
and there might be a few grayish clouds,
and maybe the temperature is a bit too cold;
like less than 60*F.
So today we read books and talked about pumpkins. I found this little pumpkin out on the balcony.
And the book on a little table.
Okay, technically, it was a doll sized trunk.
The book is called
It has a lot of photographs, so there is no "author".
It was published in 2000 by Metrobooks
and Friedman/Fairfax Publishers.
Too Much Information
So back to looking at the book.

Pumpkins grow on farms.
They like to hang out together.
They don't like to be by themselves.
They get lonely that way.

They are magnetically attracted to straw bales
and scarecrows.
They really cannot help themselves.

You would think their favorite color is orange,
but it isn't.
Pumpkins like the red in fall leaves
and barns.

They don't like being blanketed by snow.
This picture was taken in Santa Fe?
What do you mean it snows in New Mexico?!!!

I thought I signed up to move to a WARM climate!

Oh, okay.
Maybe when it looks like this in New Mexico,
we can go to the ocean and eat fish tacos.
Fish tacos?!!!!
Who makes tacos out of fish?!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mabel Gets a Slice of Culture in Old Town

Mabel popped out of her box from Ohio,
and was ready to discover what life in New Mexico
would hold for one small, brown bear. Mabel went to the Albuquerque destination
for tourists looking for souvenirs, Mexican food,
history, and a slice of New Mexican culture.
San Felipe de Neri church was founded in 1706
as a center for establishing the growing community
as a legally recognized Spanish town,
and as community that could draw new residents from afar.

Mabel discovered agave and prickly pear cactus
growing in front of San Felipe de Neri.

Once she looked beyond the church,
Mabel saw the plaza.
Spanish communities were built around a square plaza.

A gazebo is used for entertainment in the plaza.

Mabel wandered around the shops surrounding the square.

Wow! Chile Ristras!
Little chiles were strung together like a wall hanging!

A place called the Covered Wagon had real wagon wheels outside!

An art gallery had a bigger than life sized katchina out front!

What is in this shop?

Mexican sombreros in doll and bear size!

Restored cannons are a part of the history of Albuquerque.

Where is the sign that tells the story?!!!

As Mabel crossed the street, she saw a tourist
who had to wait in the car. Hmmm...

More ristras and bright blue...

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday
celebrated in early November.
Skulls and skeletons make fun of life and death
as way of accepting that death is a part of life.
Departed loved ones are remembered with reverence.
Art is meant to reflect humor, not to be scary or gruesome.

Toy Store in a Little Plaza Nook

Mabel found some fall fun for a little bear.

Mabel Arrives!

I ordered Mabel late on Friday.
She was shipped first thing Saturday morning,
and now, here she is on Monday before noon! I checked our mailroom
about the time the mail carrier has been arriving.
He drove right up just as I passed him in my car,
so around I swooped, and announced
"I have a package. It was tracked as being delivered today."
He checked the box with the packages, and out came my box from Ohio!

I finished running my errands,
as Mabel waited and waited in her box.
Once at home, out she popped!

She immediately wanted to greet her family in Ohio
to let them know she arrived safely!

And posed for a few photos to show her new friends

that she is in her new home and ready for fall!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bear With Me

Mabel was shipped today from Ohio.
I'm sure she is quite snuggly,
and excited about coming to New Mexico.
This is another photo by Christy,
since I will have to wait a few more days for Mabel
to arrive in New Mexico.
I'm glad she will still have some time to enjoy fall.
It isn't too late for photos with pumpkins and fallen leaves.
Shall I crochet her a shawl for the weather that is cooling down?
Does she want girly things,
like ribbons on black elatic to wrap around her ears?
Will she collect hats? Or bees on buttons and beads?
Do I need to find a honey pot?
Or will she be sweet enough without it?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Introducing Mabel Bearingsley

This is Mabel Bearingsley.
As far as I can tell, her birthday is September 17, 2009.
These photos are by Christy, Mabel's maker,
and The Craggy Moor business owner,
along with her supportive husband, Rob.
This is Christy's Blog about Mabel in the days before I knew about her:
Browsing Flickr photos,
I came across photos of her cousin, Betsy, who is now happily residing in San Diego.
I followed the links like a trail, and found Mabel sitting so joyfully on Etsy.
Her brown color was perfect for a companion bear
living in New Mexico, with dust and adobe.
She doesn't seem like she'd mind sitting on an adobe wall for a photograph.
Her name reminded me of Mabel Dodge Luhan,
who was the wealthy, eccentric patron of the arts
in Taos, NM from her arrival around 1919 until her death in 1964.
So here is another Mabel, coming home to New Mexico.
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